Best UK Website Hosting for Beginners

The user-friendliness of a service is an important factor in any purchase decision. Gravitating towards user-friendly products and services is not always a conscious process, but nevertheless, usability is a high-ranking factor in most buyers’ decision to purchase something. A service’s ability to attract beginners has a lot to do with its usability. Website hosting is a ubiquitous service – everyone who launches a website needs it – but just because something is ever-present, it doesn’t mean it’s easily used by everyone. In this article, we’re discussing beginner-friendly website hosting, with special focus on UK website hosting. In doing so, we’re going to analyse the features and options beginners should look for and which are the best UK website hosting for beginners.

What to look for as a beginner in a website hosting?

If you’re a beginner, it’s probably safe to assume that you’re launching a personal or professional blog or website and you’re looking for an easy-to-use and reliable webhosting. Since you’re looking for webhosting, it’s also safe to assume that you’ve opted for a self-hosted website solution and you’ve chosen WordPress or another open-source CMS for your online project.

Features to look for

  • Control panel: cPanel and VDeck are the most popular control panels offered by webhosts. Both are web-based control panels used to manage domains, emails, logs, backups, databases and other aspects of the hosting account. The usability of the control panel is crucial for a good webhosting experience, since it influences how easily you can manage your hosted services.
  • One-click installer: Whether it’s the WordPress CMS itself, or a shopping cart, one-click installers allow you to install everything you need with a single click and get online as soon as possible.
  • Drag and drop builders: Hosting providers that focus on the needs of beginners will include drag and drop website builders (e.g. Weebly, BoldGrid) or access to a marketplace where you can install plugins and scripts to enhance your website. Some hosting providers even provide access to free website templates and themes, and make it possible for users to build mobile-friendly websites.
  • Marketing tools: As a newbie on the web, you may want to be able to efficiently market yourself. Knowing this, beginner-centric website hosts will provide free marketing credit, but also a plethora of tools and guides on how to market yourself.
  • Selling online: If you want to sell your services or products online, some webhosts offer easy PayPal integration and shopping cart installation.
  • Support: Everyone knows the value of a good support experience. Responsive and friendly support is especially appreciated by beginners. Apart from online support, step-by-step tutorials and keyword searchable knowledge bases on the webhost’s page can easily help you solve issues on your own.

Beginner-friendly website hosting options

Usually, a shared hosting plan is the first choice for small to medium websites that don’t anticipate high volumes in traffic. Shared hosting covers the scenario when several websites reside on the same server and share the server’s resources. Users don’t need to be bothered with the maintenance of the server or have any server related knowledge. The hosting company is the one dealing with the upkeep of the server. One-click installers allow users to install certain apps and scripts they need, but otherwise they don’t have any say in the operating system or they can’t run custom applications or scripts on the server. Another thing that website hosting companies do is make it easier for users to choose a plan by offering so-called unmetered or unlimited plans. Since beginners may not be able to gauge how much storage space, bandwidth or CPU they need, the hosting company offers unlimited plans.

Another option that you could go for if you’ve chosen WordPress as your content management system, is to opt for a WordPress managed hosting plan that will take care of updates, backups, security, and offer WordPress-centric controls.

Best UK Website Hosting Providers for Beginners

The following webhosting companies are some of the most beginner-oriented UK website hosting providers:


iPage has been around since 1998, offering varied webhosting plans and a plethora of features that make webhosting a pleasant experience for anyone from novices to connoisseurs.

iPage offers shared hosting plans for as low as $1.99/month. For this introductory price, users can expect to receive an all-in-one plan that comes with unlimited everything (hosted domain names, email accounts, storage, etc.), free domain name, access to hundreds of templates, site builder tool, SEO tools, advertising credit, vDeck control panel, free security tools, 1-click installers, blogging tools, eCommerce tools, photo galleries, etc.

iPage also offers other hosting plans including WordPress hosting, which starts at $3.75/month and comes with unlimited storage, scalable bandwidth, free domain registration, free marketing credits, preinstalled themes and plugins, and other WordPress specific tools, as well as expert support.

Whichever plan you end up choosing, you will enjoy an arsenal of features that will make it easier for you to focus on building your website.


eHost offers webhosting services for over 1 million sites. The company was founded in 1998 and specialises in offering low-cost hosting services. eHost offers a single cPanel based shared hosting plan that starts at $2.75/month or $5.50/month regularly.

Their focus is to provide all the tools you may need to host and manage your website as smoothly as possible. In terms of hosting features, eHost offers: cPanel included, free domain name, drag and drop site builder, access to thousands of templates, access to blogging and CMS tools, free advertising credit, free marketing tools, eCommerce package (online store, choice of shopping cart, PayPal integration), possibility to host unlimited domains, unmetered storage space and bandwidth.

eHost also offers step-by-step tutorials and an extensive online help centre for beginners, as well as 24×7 phone, chat and email support. eHost also offers a 45-day money-back guarantee, which allows you plenty of time to test their services and see if they measure up to your requirements.


BlueHost is one of the most well-known webhosting brands with over 2 million hosted sites. BlueHost has been offering website hosting services since 1996. Their shared hosting plans and WordPress hosting plans (built on VPS technology) are currently some of their most sought-after hosting plans. Unlimited shared hosting plans at BlueHost start at $5.45/month, while managed WordPress hosting plans start at $19.99/month.

BlueHost offers cPanel based hosting with a free domain name and CloudFlare or SiteLock CDN built into your account (depending on the chosen plan) for enhanced website performance. BlueHost creates automatic backups of your hosting account and allows you to easily upgrade your account if you ever need to. One-click installations of several scrips and tools are available through BlueHost’s custom-designed cPanel.

BlueHost has been recommended by many reputable hosting review sites and itself as the number one choice for WordPress hosting. Their reliable service, top-notch server infrastructure and responsive support team will make sure you can easily get around your hosting account even as a beginner.


Website hosting services are omnipresent, but only a few are able to deliver services that are easy-to-use even for beginners. Whether you’re launching a website or you’re targeting a UK customer base, the hosting companies detailed above can help you get started with your online endeavours without any roadblocks in the way.

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