How to Create a Professional Website with WordPress?

WordPress has evolved from a simple blogging platform to dominating rankings for best content management systems. It’s the flagship example for a CMS, and it’s the most popular CMS used as the foundation for millions of websites. Albeit it’s a versatile CMS, its complexity does not overshadow its usability, making it the content management system that is suitable for everyone from beginners to experts. WordPress allows for the easy creation of websites even by non-specialists through the help of free and premium themes and plugins, and it’s chosen by a great number of experts as well for its multi-faceted nature that allows for the creation of virtually any type of website.

Why use WordPress for your website?

There are a chock-full of reasons why both beginners and experts should use WordPress, and some of the most notable ones include:

  • Accessibility: WordPress is an open-source and free-to-use platform that anyone can download and use freely. It’s backed by a huge community that relentlessly works on making it better and more secure. It’s also designed with plasticity in mind, allowing you to create virtually any website you want.
  • Smooth learning curve: While not as easy to use as drag and drop site builders, the knowledge required for the installation and usage of WordPress would not pose a problem, not even for beginners. Moreover, the internet is dotted with beginner level tutorials, articles, and guides meant to help you through the whole process of setting up a website with WordPress.
  • Customisability and flexibility: WordPress can be extended and customised via themes and plugins. Whether you need a photography theme or an eCommerce theme, there are hundreds of free and premium options that you can choose from.
  • SEO friendly: Due to the standard compliance high quality code that it’s written in and the semantic mark up it produces, WordPress is very appealing to search engines.
  • Multimedia friendly: WordPress can handle several types of media files including images, videos, audio, etc. It also allows for the easy embedding of Instagram photos, YouTube videos, etc.
  • Build-in updater: The built-in updater allows you to update WordPress and themes/plugins with a single click.
  • Secure and safe: This CMS was purposefully built with security and safety in mind. As long as you install trusted plugins or themes and keep them updated, your site’s security should be fine.

Before start building your website with WordPress and now that know why WordPress should be your top choice for a CMS, you need to find a hosting provider that caters to the specific needs of your WordPress-powered UK website.

If you’re searching for a UK Web hosting for WordPress, there are three hosting providers that stand out as the best WordPress hosting:


Just like WordPress is the leading CMS platform, BlueHost is viewed as the best WordPress hosting provider. themselves have been endorsing BlueHost since 2005 as the ultimate hosting for WordPress-powered sites.

As one of the oldest webhosts that is still around today, BlueHost certainly hasn’t lost its appeal. The company boasts a best-in-line network infrastructure, their datacentres rely on cutting-edge technology and expert support is available at your fingertips.

In terms of hosting plans, BlueHost offers the whole spectrum of hosting plans from simple shared hosting plans to the more advanced dedicated hosting plans. All their shared hosting accounts feature 1-click WordPress installation, while their WordPress optimised hosting accounts are built on VPS technology and are designed to make your WordPress site blazingly fast and secure. Prices for shared hosting plans start at $2.75/month and come standard with cPanel, CloudFlare content delivery network built into the account and a free domain name, while WordPress hosting plans start at $19.99/month and include a free domain name, free IP address, enhanced cPanel, backups, SiteLock CDN (with WAF Pro, SiteLock Pro/Premium/Enterprise, positive SSL, and positive wildcard SSL included with some plans). Other WordPress centric tools as well as access to MOJO Marketplace is also available.

BlueHost makes it easy to dynamically add resources (CPU, RAM, SAN storage), so you can stay on top of any challenges that may come your way.


Another WordPress-friendly web hosting committed to excellence is InMotion Hosting that covers all types of hosting needs including that of WordPress users. InMotion has been a CNET certified service provider for 13 years and their commitment to offer a reliable, performant and secure hosting service is as strong as ever.

InMotion offers SSD storage, free automatic backups, automatic WordPress installation and 24/7 support. Their WordPress optimised web hosting plans come with WordPress pre-installed by an expert, WP-CLI integration, free domain, 90-day money-back guarantee, unlimited hosting, SSH access, cPanel, business-class hardware, PHP 7 supported, free website builder (BoldGrid), free no-downtime website transfers, spam filtering and other useful features. Prices range from $4.19/month to $8.99/month.

Those looking for a VPS hosting plan for their WordPress site should definitely take notice of InMotion’s VPS plans as they offer managed SSD VPS plans powered by the cloud with high availability, real-time redundancy and an arsenal of features.

Whichever plan you need for your WordPress site, InMotion covers all your hosting related needs so you can focus on expanding your business.


HostGator is another famous hosting brand that has made itself a good reputation as an affordable and user-friendly hosting that delivers several types of hosting plans for all categories of needs. HostGator’s WordPress plans are built on cloud architecture for faster speeds and better overall performance. Prices at HostGator for WordPress optimised hosting range between $5.95/month to $9.95/month and include global CDN (CloudFlare), auto-backups, cPanel, access to WordPress templates in MOJO Marketplace, automatic malware removal, etc.

HostGator allows users to monitor and easily allocate more resources, provide 24/7 phone and email support, free advertising credit, enhanced security and many more features. CloudFlare’s 23 global datacentres allow for the speedy delivery of your content no matter where your visitors are located – be it in the United Kingdom or the US.

HostGator also offers a free website migration service should you want to cancel your account at your old hosting provider and move your website to HostGator. Apart from WordPress hosting, HostGator also offers VPS, dedicated and cloud hosting plans.


Whatever the nature of your UK WordPress site may be, these three hosting providers can all meet your performance, security, and support related requirements. The content delivery network they offer assist your internet reach, whether you only target customers in the UK or overseas customers as well.

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