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Over the past few years we’ve tested and evaluated a wide range of UK web hosting providers. Based on our experience and research we have created a list of the best website hosting companies in the UK. If you are looking for an affordable and reliable web hosting service from the United Kingdom, please check out the list below and choose the host that fits best your needs and budget.

Based on offered features, price, speed, server uptime and support, we have created our web hosting reviews and a list of top 5 hosting companies. Obviously, we have been focusing on reviewing and recommending UK hosting companies that offer UK support and have either a UK datacenter or very good response time with the UK.

If you are having problem choosing a web hosting service, check our hosting buying guide and also our step-by-step tutorial on how to create a website.

Our Rating:

Why choose ?

  • Free Domain Name Registration
  • Unlimited Add-on Domains
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
£1.50Regularly £8.95 / moGet this Deal »Read Review
Our Rating:

Why choose BlueHost ?

  • Aumated Daily Account Backups
  • Enhanced cPanel Web Hosting
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
£3.19Regularly £6.45 / moGet this Deal »Read BlueHost Review
Our Rating:

Why choose InMotion ?

  • Fast SSD Powered Hosting
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee
£3.38Regularly £6.45 / moGet this Deal »Read InMotion Review
Our Rating:

Why choose HostGator ?

  • Free Ad Credits for Google & Bing
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • 45-Day Money Back Guarantee
£3.19Regularly £5.60 / moGet this Deal »Read HostGator Review
Our Rating:

Why choose JustHost ?

  • Free Domain Registration
  • PCI Compliant Web Hosting
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
£3.23Regularly £8.99 / moGet this Deal »Read JustHost Review
Prices expressed on this website are in British Pound. In some cases the price was converted from USD or other currencies, therefore the price on the official website might vary. Please also note that the prices do not include VAT and in some cases this might apply as additional cost.

UK Web Hosting Reviews

Read our in-depth reviews to find out which hosting provider you should pick for your personal or small business website.

How to Choose Website Hosting?

Different type of websites will need different hosting plans. This guide will help you choosing the hosting service you need.

How to Start a Website?

This guide is perfect for beginners who want to learn how to create a website without being a coder or designer.

Why Choose & Trust Us?

We are expert IT professionals and have been building websites for over 8 years now. We’ve worked and used way too many hosting firms and we know how this industry works. Our reviews are based on real tests, experience and data. Each reviewed host has been monitored for at least 6 months in order to gather enough information.

There are five main aspects we analyze and take in consideration before recommending a web hosting company:

Plans & Features: while searching for a hosting plan, the first you will look at are the features that are included. Depending on the website type you are going to build, you can choose between various hosting plans (if are available at the company). Different plans will have different features, so you might want to pick the one that is most suitable for your hosting needs. The amount of web storage and monthly data transfer, number of allowed add-on domains, supported programming languages and software, backup and email options are the most common features users look for. We analyze the web hosting industry, compare features of top hosting providers and recommend companies that offer the most features.

Price & Value: in most of the cases (simple website, business emails) a cheap hosting will be more than enough, while in other cases (eCommerce, high website traffic, security, performance, etc.) a more expensive hosting plan will be needed. Weather your case might be, take the time and analyze the market. Choose the hosting plan that offers the best value for your money. You can save some time by checking out our recommendations.

Speed & Performance: is a very important aspect of every hosting provider. Studies show that visitors will bounce if the website they are accessing is loading slowly. A slow website will collect less leads and will result in business loss. We have used different website speed and stress testing tools to analyze the performance of various hosting companies. You will find the results of our tests on the review pages.

Server Uptime: is another important factor to consider. Uptime determines the amount of time for which the webserver is available and is calculated in percentage. Server uptime depends on multiple factor, such as stability and reliability of the computer’s operating system and hardware, network availability and power supply. Using UptimeRobot, we’ve been monitoring multiple websites hosted with various hosting companies. On each review page you will find our measured uptime record.

Online Support: is a must when it comes to web hosting. Whether is a billing or technical related question, is important to have someone to rely on. Most top hosting providers offer 24/7 by phone, live chat and email. Some of them provide tutorials and guides on how to use their service. Some providers have trained support for third party applications such as WordPress, which is great if you are building your website using this software.

Different Hosting Types Explained

As you might already know, there are many different types of hosting plans. We can distinguish four main website hosting types: shared, VPS, dedicated and cloud.

  • Shared Hosting: is the most common type of hosting, used by most customers. It is suitable for hosting small to medium size and traffic websites, blogs, business emails, small online shops and more. Shared plans are affordable and easy to use. Accounts are fully managed by the service provider, who is responsible for maintaining the server’s software and hardware. Customers have no control over what hardware or software is being used on the server, nor have control over how many websites or customer accounts are placed on the same server. Although, shared hosting is affordable, it does not provide high security and reliability. If you need a highly secure and more reliably hosting plan, you should choose VPS or dedicated hosting.
  • VPS Hosting: can be classified between shared and dedicated hosting. VPS plans are suitable for websites with medium to high traffic, bigger blogs, medium sized shops and other resource intense web applications. We distinguish two types of VPS plans: managed and unmanaged. In case of unmanaged service, the admin user is responsible for the software and the service provider takes care about hardware. In case of managed VPS plans, both software and hardware is maintained by the service provider. Virtual Private Server hosting is great for those users, who need dedicated resources but can’t afford paying for a dedicated server. Having multiple VPS accounts on one dedicated server, makes this hosting type still affordable and more reliable. While on a shared hosting, users don’t have access to the server, in case of VPS users are granted with full root access, which allows customization and optimization of that particular account.
  • Dedicated Hosting: is suitable for websites that need the highest security and performance. Dedicated servers are used by banks, eCommerce websites, money and credit card processing services, security firms and government. Just like VPS plans, dedicated servers can also be managed or unmanaged. User has full control over the entire server, being able to customize and optimize the system as needed. This type of hosting is expensive and requires advanced IT knowledge and constant system administration.
  • Cloud Hosting: is suitable for websites that offer services to a world-wide audience or are dealing with high web traffic fluctuations. Cloud hosting is basically a network of dedicated servers, which is designed to act as one system. This type of hosting provides the best performance and uptime, while still being affordable.

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